Mental Health and Personal NarrativesListen now (51 min) | Re-evaluating the way we tell our story

October 2022

A Tech Nostalgia Twitter SpaceListen now (21 min) | Pokemons, wired headphones, mechanical keyboards, and reexperiencing our past present.

September 2022

Tech-nostalgia: Imprecise yearnings for our future's past. The satisfying click of opening a flip phone. The seemingly limitless possibilities of “Surfing the web.” The sense of triumph after burning a perfect…
Stepping back and stepping up: A conversation about evolving masculinity with Marsha, Mischa, and RevazListen now (31 min) | We had a fun and thought-provoking conversation with Mischa Byruck, Marsha Olson, and Revaz Ardesher about the current, confused…

August 2022

Join us on Thursday at 7pm ET for a discussion with Mischa Byruck, Marsha Olson, and Revaz Ardesher!
Revisiting late 90s ideas of masculinityListen now (33 min) | It was the era of Fight Club, Maxim, metrosexuals, and “The Game.” How did 1990s notions of masculinity shape our gender…
a Twitter Space about Twitter Listen now (26 min) | A conversation with @lenazun and @emilydparker about Twitter, finding niches, and tips on making the most of this social network.

July 2022

15 Years on TwitterListen now (45 min) | From Fail Whale to Weird
Welcome to the Twelve InquiriesListen now (3 min) | Twelve conversations between two friends with the hope that we'll meet some more