Sep 11 • 39M

These Are a Few of Our Positive Things.

Radical Optimism and the stories we tell ourselves.

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The Twelve Inquiries
David Sasaki
Gentleman Geek 🎩💽
Welcome to The 12 Inquiries, a year-long conversation between two friends about 12 topics that interest us. You could call it a monthly salon, though that sounds a little grandiose. We hope you’ll join us in the conversation. Who knows, maybe we’ll become friends. Each conversation will take place over a month. We’ll publish an introductory newsletter and podcast episode the first week of each month. During the second week, we’ll host a live conversation on Twitter Spaces with guests. On the third week, we’ll publish a short recap of what we learned, and respond to questions and comments we receive. During the fourth week, we rest. Well, really, we prepare for the next month’s inquiry.

From the beginning, this space has been driven by an insatiable curiosity that drives our friendship and subsequent conversations. That curiosity is also a lens through which we try to make sense of our ever-changing self and reality in general with varying degrees of success. Like any lens, what you choose to aim it at shapes the reality you see within your individual frame, and so we invite you to join us as we talk about optimism and positivity as a choice, a narrative, or framing with which we look at the world.

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