Aug 4, 2022 • 26M

a Twitter Space about Twitter

A conversation with @lenazun and @emilydparker about Twitter, finding niches, and tips on making the most of this social network.

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The Twelve Inquiries
Welcome to The 12 Inquiries, a year-long conversation between two friends about 12 topics that interest us. You could call it a monthly salon, though that sounds a little grandiose. We hope you’ll join us in the conversation. Who knows, maybe we’ll become friends. Each conversation will take place over a month. We’ll publish an introductory newsletter and podcast episode the first week of each month. During the second week, we’ll host a live conversation on Twitter Spaces with guests. On the third week, we’ll publish a short recap of what we learned, and respond to questions and comments we receive. During the fourth week, we rest. Well, really, we prepare for the next month’s inquiry.
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We’re closing out our very first inquiry with a Twitter Space conversation with two brilliant guests. Lena Zun and Emily Parker

Lena shares how Twitter became a space for visiting friends and an outlet for her “cursed thoughts,” and Emily reminded us that not that long ago, conventional wisdom said Twitter was going to bring democracy to the WORLD. 

These inquiries are ultimately an excuse to talk about the things we find fascinating. We invite you to join the conversations, chime in on Twitter, comment on this post, and tell us what YOU find delightful and/or maddening about Twitter.

We’ll be dropping our second inquiry shortly, where we open up about how our personal view on masculinity has evolved from the late 90s through the present.

*We hosted this Twitter space live on July 28th, 2022, and this recording is a condensed version.