Oct 21, 2022 • 21M

A Tech Nostalgia Twitter Space

Pokemons, wired headphones, mechanical keyboards, and reexperiencing our past present.

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Welcome to The 12 Inquiries, a year-long conversation between two friends about 12 topics that interest us. You could call it a monthly salon, though that sounds a little grandiose. We hope you’ll join us in the conversation. Who knows, maybe we’ll become friends. Each conversation will take place over a month. We’ll publish an introductory newsletter and podcast episode the first week of each month. During the second week, we’ll host a live conversation on Twitter Spaces with guests. On the third week, we’ll publish a short recap of what we learned, and respond to questions and comments we receive. During the fourth week, we rest. Well, really, we prepare for the next month’s inquiry. https://www.thetwelveinquiries.com
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Everything old is new again. Generation Z is rediscovering the world we Xenials grew up in as we rediscover it ourselves. With some of that in mind, we hosted a Twitter Space with our guests Sara M Watson, technology critic, and analyst along with Grafton Tanner author of The Hours Have Lost Their Clock: The Politics of Nostalgia.

This is an edited version of our hour-long conversation on Twitter.